Wood Burning Stoves – Improving your Lifestyle

Buying a stove is an investment for your home and for your family, giving you a new way to heat your property as well a focal point for the room. There are many different wood burning stoves on the market, giving you plenty of options in terms of style, appearance and functionality, so there will always be lots of choice regardless of your needs. It’s a good option for the modern home, and for the modern way of life. There is nothing quite as lovely as a roaring fire in your home, making it feel warm and welcoming.

So why might you choose to have a wood burning stove in your home? Many of the reasons come down to it being a lifestyle choice, with plenty of scope for improving your way of life and the way in which you live in your home. If you love your home and your space, you are much more likely to be a calm, happy individual. These are some of the main points to think about if you’re not sure whether you want to commit – the installation is, after all, not cheap, and neither is the stove.

  • Aesthetics. The primary reason that people opt for wood burners is the way that they look. This could sound like quite a superficial reason, but when you consider the fact that it is your home and your space that you want to give you peace of mind, then it makes a lot of sense. Home is where the heart is, and if you love your home it will give you true peace of mind. A wood burning stove can help you to have a better relationship with your home and to enjoy spending time there, even more than you already do. It’s the icing on the cake in terms of being the owner of a beautiful decor.
  • Heating. A wood burning stove can also be an excellent source of heating for your home. This can be a good way to balance out the cost of installing the stove, and buying it in the first place, because once it has been put in properly you can save yourself lots of money on your bills. A stove will provide more heat than you might think, and you don’t necessarily need to be next to it. If you create a good fire, then you can enjoy it throughout the room, and perhaps even further into your home if it has an open plan design.
  • Self sufficiency. It can be very empowering indeed to feel that you are in control of your own home and, as a consequence, in control of your own life. By being able to heat your home off the grid, the power is in your hands. Many people really enjoy the feeling of being able to buy and choose their own wood, then use it to look after their family and their home. In this way, a wood burning stove can really help you to enjoy your lifestyle more.

A Year-Round Roof Lantern

A roof lantern is often thought of as being a summery type of product, brightening up a space and making it more pleasant in the summer months. However, it isn’t practical to install something of such a high value in your home that won’t serve you well for the rest of the year as well. You need an all-round roof lantern. 

Make sure the design you choose has a low U-value. This indicates the amount of heat that will be lost and the lower the U-value, the better the energy efficiency. Select something that has a low U-value and that will help to keep the heat in your home. 

It is also very important to choose a roof lantern with good glazing. Choose at least double, possibly triple, with Argon-filled cavities to help keep the heat in. Make sure the fixings are all correct so that heat cannot escape from the edges after installation. 

Important Log Burner Maintenance

When you invest in a log burner, it is usually for a number of reasons. The aesthetics come into it heavily, but usually, so does efficiency. If you are going to invest in a log burner – and they aren’t cheap – you want to know that they are running as efficiently as possible, and are doing as much as possible for you in terms of the heat they will give out. In order to keep this up, you need good maintenance.

Maintenance doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. It is as simple as clearing out the ash on a regular basis, something that the owner of a log burner might start to neglect after a little while. It can also include things like servicing, to check the fire is still connected up properly and doesn’t have any leaks, so you know that it is working to its full capacity.

Home Restoration Tips

Floods, fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters are inevitable ills. Though it is comforting to think that these disasters will never hit us, the truth is that your house is always at a risk of a variety of natural disasters no matter your area of residence. With that in mind, the only way to keep your house from staying uninhabitable for unknown periods after any form of disaster is to have at hand information of various companies’ specializing in building damage repair against the different disasters.

Of great importance though, not just every other company will be suitable for you. It takes a little more than an average company to restore a home after a disaster. Your house is probably the most important asset you own. Following that line of thought, it is worth to find a company with outlined procedures for evaluating damages caused by fires, floods or any other catastrophe. The company should have structured courses of action to salvage items before further damage. 

Bohemia Stoves – What you Need to Know

Bohemia stoves are wide range of stoves which are traditionally designed with a contemporary twist. They are available in four sizes. This is to suit the different needs perfectly.

Bohemia 30 stove

This is a compact pevex stove and it is ideally used in a small fire place with an opening measuring 16’’ *22’’ in height. This is an ideal choice whether it is used during the holiday homes, summer houses or in the narrow boats. The bohemia 30 stove has an ergonomic wood handle and also a chrome door handle. It is fitted with the air sliders in order control both secondary and primary air wash. This ensures that the glass is kept clean. The stove also has a convector plate and can be lifted out for easier cleaning. 

The bohemia 30 is a small output version and it is a multi fuel stove. This means that this stove can either use the smokeless fuel or wood. The bohemia 30 stove will give a radiant and an enjoyable convection heat and this will definitely warm your home or room. This model has only one door for viewing fire. The bohemia stoves also has an air wash control for the cleaner glass. It is manufactured to the standard en13240 EU.