Bathroom Flooring Tiles – What are your Choices?

Bathrooms are almost always tiled, or use a type of laminate flooring that will look like tiles. Some types of laminate are particularly fashionable at the moment, as they provide some key benefits that tiles cannot. You may also decide to install a wooden flooring, though the damp environment could potentially be problematic and you may need to install a pretend wooden floor in order to stop it from warping.

Real tiles are beautiful and can give your bathroom and really high-end look. They are perfect if you are putting in a new bathroom and don’t want to compromise on aesthetics. However, they can be dangerous and can become very slippery in a damp environment. Think carefully about tiles if you have young children.

Laminates are the most cost-effective option, though quality laminates can also be very expensive. Choose laminates if you would like to have a beautiful floor covering that is not as dangerous as tiles.