Bespoke Utility Requirements

Avoiding the Big 6 Energy Suppliers and Focusing on Smaller Less Known Organisations

Avoiding the Big 6 Energy Suppliers and Focusing on Smaller Less Known Organisations

It comes to no surprise that the continuation of increased energy bills has lead to market share being gained in the small to medium sized utility suppliers in the UK. These smaller organisations, one of which is called ‘utility warehouse’ rely on the big 6 suppliers to be able to provide the infastructure that the UK requires to keep lights on at night and cookers cooking food.

However, the likes of utility warehouse means that they are able to buy energy, including gas and electricty at wholesale prices, meaning that they are more effectively enabled to transfer the savings down to the consumer. Their sales team of distributors instead of monthly paid staff members have also meant that with this reduction in cost on their own behalf, they are able to strictly pass all these savings down the most important people in the chain – the ones who are paying the utility bills at the end of each month.

What are Bespoke Utility Requirements?

Utilities are often produced to certain standards, with those doing the work often doing the same type of job everyday, day after day. For most homes this is exactly what is needed, but homes which have a strange arrangement/structure may need a bespoke solution which isn’t always very well accounted for in standard pricing models that tradesmen use. In situations like this, looking for tradesmen which are familiar with bespoke requirements and the solutions to those problems could save you a lot of time.

Those who typically find they require this type of service are businesses which are trying to convert a building which isn’t made to a standard office spec into something workable. This may be converting a home into an office or numerous other possible situations.

Even though the number of businesses prepared to handle this situation is a lot smaller than those able to deal with a standard utility problem, it is still essential that you shop around for a solution as well as a price which is right for you.