Energy Saving Technology

Will a Stove be More Energy Efficient?

A wood burning stove gives you a good way of heating your home, whilst also looking great. You will find that you can improve the aesthetic of your property, without having to make a big adjustment – fitting a stove is a fairly simply process. But can you rest assured that it will help save you energy?

Burning your own fuel will generally help to make your home more energy efficient. This is because you aren’t relying on electricity or gas from the mains to heat your home. You can generate a lot of heat using high quality logs in your burner, and you can make a big different to your energy bills. The fire will burn for a long time, so you won’t need to use lots of fuel to create a fire.

If you want to be as energy efficient as possible, why not pair your stove with solar panels on your roof to help you generate more energy?

How to Reduce your Home’s Running Costs

When we think about reducing running costs for a home, we are often thinking about making the energy we use more sustainable. The two very much go hand in hand. Using less energy, and producing energy in sustainable ways, will help both you and the planet. Here are some ways you can help reduce your energy bills:

  • Bring in as much natural light as you can. Thing about installing more windows, a conservatory, or rooflights to give your home more naural brightness. This allows you to cut down on the artificial light you use.
  • Turn appliances off at the plug. This will help prevent energy loss when they are on standby.
  • Use a log burner. Wood is a sustainable fuel and will help heat you home without using up fossil fuels.
  • Turn down your washing machine. Most clothes can easily be washed at 30 degrees, instead of the more usual 40 degrees.

Eco-Friendly Rooflights for Saving Energy

Eco-Friendly Rooflights for Saving Energy

As many different sectors are adapting to find energy-saving, eco-friendly solutions, the rooflight industry is no different. There are now many eco rooflights available for people to purchase that will go a long way to saving you money on your energy bills.

Whilst it is pleasant to have the extra light, and potentially extra ventilation, a rooflight can bring, the last thing you want is to end up with a colder building. Ask any retailer about eco rooflights to find the best energy-saving solution for your property.

The key to identifying the most effective rooflight is choosing one with a low u-value. U-values show how effective as material is as an insulator. Some eco rooflights will have u-values of around 0.87 W/m²K.

Eco-friendly rooflights can be stylish and well as highly efficient. Many use a flat glass design so will look sleek and elegant from the outside, as well as from the inside. This makes them a viable options for any building.


The Eco-Friendly Way of Heating a Building

Woman Renovating her Home and Relaxing with Cup of Tea

Renewable fuels are the way forward when it comes to heating homes and businesses. Fossil fuels are finite, and we need to find new solutions for heating our buildings effectively. Burning fuel in a specially-designed burner can be an excellent way to heat your home without the need for central heating.

There are many different wood burning stoves to choose from, so it will be easy to select one that works for your building. You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on the space you need to heat. It will provide you with plenty of heat using completely renewable sources.

Make sure you specifically choose renewable options when purchasing your fuels. There are lots of different types of wood available, so ensure that yours comes from a sustainable source. One of the best options is to choose renewable wood chips, pellets or briquettes. These are made from scrap and recycled wood, and offer excellent value for money. In fact, briquettes will usually deliver even more heat efficiency than logs making them an excellent all-round option.

The other option is to obtain your own wood. You can collect scrap wood or even use wood from your own garden. You may need additional products like a chopping block and storage space, but it can be very rewarding to heat your home self-sufficiently.

Screw Compressors, How They Work and Their Effectiveness

Compressors are normally used in a wide range of industrial fields with a wide range of applications. Screw compressors work on the principal of air filling the void between two helical mated screws and their housing. These compressors inject oil into the bearing and compression area. The reasons are for cooling, lubrication and creating a seal between screws and housing walls to reduce internal leakages. After the completion of the set compression cycle, the oil and air must properly be separated before any air can be used by the air system.

The types and characteristics defining the compressors can be broadly classified into two. These are;

1. The Capacity type- The screw type compression method is used to rotate a male and female screw rotor within the casing.

2. Centrifugal type – A turbo type compression creates a centrifugal force that rotates an impeller.