Energy Saving Technology

The Eco-Friendly Way of Heating a Building

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Renewable fuels are the way forward when it comes to heating homes and businesses. Fossil fuels are finite, and we need to find new solutions for heating our buildings effectively. Burning fuel in a specially-designed burner can be an excellent way to heat your home without the need for central heating.

There are many different wood burning stoves to choose from, so it will be easy to select one that works for your building. You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on the space you need to heat. It will provide you with plenty of heat using completely renewable sources.

Make sure you specifically choose renewable options when purchasing your fuels. There are lots of different types of wood available, so ensure that yours comes from a sustainable source. One of the best options is to choose renewable wood chips, pellets or briquettes. These are made from scrap and recycled wood, and offer excellent value for money. In fact, briquettes will usually deliver even more heat efficiency than logs making them an excellent all-round option.

The other option is to obtain your own wood. You can collect scrap wood or even use wood from your own garden. You may need additional products like a chopping block and storage space, but it can be very rewarding to heat your home self-sufficiently.

Screw Compressors, How They Work and Their Effectiveness

Compressors are normally used in a wide range of industrial fields with a wide range of applications. Screw compressors work on the principal of air filling the void between two helical mated screws and their housing. These compressors inject oil into the bearing and compression area. The reasons are for cooling, lubrication and creating a seal between screws and housing walls to reduce internal leakages. After the completion of the set compression cycle, the oil and air must properly be separated before any air can be used by the air system.

The types and characteristics defining the compressors can be broadly classified into two. These are;

1. The Capacity type- The screw type compression method is used to rotate a male and female screw rotor within the casing.

2. Centrifugal type – A turbo type compression creates a centrifugal force that rotates an impeller.

Replacing an Old Boiler Can Work Wonders for your Heating and Gas Bills

A new boiler can really impact in reducing energy bills at home and help you control the total power consumption. There are many homes which are fitted with inefficient heating systems and need an ideal home boiler to help reduce the overall cost of bills. Sometimes the old boilers take a lot of room and take time to heat up the water. Upgrading to condensing boiler can prove to be better for your home. The water can be directly heated so you don’t have to wait for a longer period of time.

Another important reason for changing your inefficient boiler is the chance of leakage of carbon monoxide. Replacing the old boiler with and efficient one will remove this problem. It is even more reliable to change your old boiler with the new one. Even the Energy Performance Certificate rating has become essential part of homes and people are looking to install device at their home with better rated devices.

Energy Saving Home Meter Perfect for Keeping on Track with your Bills

In 2015 energy bills are expected to rise once again. This isn’t really any particular news to the average British homeowner because these types of utility bills have really been increasing for the last 8 years with promises of the big 6 energy suppliers of a reduction in their prices, but nothing really coming above the fold.

Well, to help combat this rise in the price of energy, purchasing a home meter could be an option to keep on ultimate track on exactly what you’re spending on your electricity.

A small magnet ring is looped around your main circuit entering the house which beams a wireless signal to a receiver that is plugged into the main wall socket. Information is then transferred from one device to the other which will display various meter readings such as wattage that you’re using per hour, the average cost at the end of the month and many more cost saving units.

Wall Coatings to Enhance Energy Efficiency

There are a lot of things which can be done to enhance the energy efficiency in a property, but mostly what people hear about is stuff like adding double glazed windows or putting insulation in wall cavities and roofs. These aren’t the only option available, and in the case of double glazing, they certainly aren’t the cheapest either.

If you take your walls for instance, adding insulation to the cavity is a great move, but it still isn’t a perfect insulation solution (and isn’t one at all if your walls have no cavities). Wall coatings are another option. This is where a layer of insulating material is added to the outside of a building (for the inside as well potentially) which then offers an extra layer of insulation.

The process involved in this is basically the same as plastering a wall, so the labour involved is minimal, and while certain materials used can be expensive, less costly albeit less effective materials can still help to save you a significant amount of money in the long run.