Energy Saving Technology

Energy Saving Home Meter Perfect for Keeping on Track with your Bills

In 2015 energy bills are expected to rise once again. This isn’t really any particular news to the average British homeowner because these types of utility bills have really been increasing for the last 8 years with promises of the big 6 energy suppliers of a reduction in their prices, but nothing really coming above the fold.

Well, to help combat this rise in the price of energy, purchasing a home meter could be an option to keep on ultimate track on exactly what you’re spending on your electricity.

A small magnet ring is looped around your main circuit entering the house which beams a wireless signal to a receiver that is plugged into the main wall socket. Information is then transferred from one device to the other which will display various meter readings such as wattage that you’re using per hour, the average cost at the end of the month and many more cost saving units.

Wall Coatings to Enhance Energy Efficiency

There are a lot of things which can be done to enhance the energy efficiency in a property, but mostly what people hear about is stuff like adding double glazed windows or putting insulation in wall cavities and roofs. These aren’t the only option available, and in the case of double glazing, they certainly aren’t the cheapest either.

If you take your walls for instance, adding insulation to the cavity is a great move, but it still isn’t a perfect insulation solution (and isn’t one at all if your walls have no cavities). Wall coatings are another option. This is where a layer of insulating material is added to the outside of a building (for the inside as well potentially) which then offers an extra layer of insulation.

The process involved in this is basically the same as plastering a wall, so the labour involved is minimal, and while certain materials used can be expensive, less costly albeit less effective materials can still help to save you a significant amount of money in the long run.