Replacing an old bathroom suite on a budget

An easy way to improve and modernise your property is to update the bathroom suite. Some older houses still have the coloured bathroom suites that were popular years ago and by changing these for white fittings the whole appearance of the bathroom can be changed.

If you need to replace the whole bathroom suite it is well worth looking on auction sites to see whether anyone is selling one. It may even be possible to get one for free if you can collect it yourself. DIY stores often have flash sales on certain lines, so it is a good idea to check these out if you prefer to have a new bathroom suite rather than a preowned one.

It could be that the bathroom suite does not need replacing but just needs an overhaul. Enamel baths deteriorate over time and sometimes become stained but there are products on the market that can remove the staining and resurface the bath making it look like new again.

Another simple fix is to replace the old taps for more modern style ones and to swap the toilet seat for a contemporary type such as a soft close one. These easy and cost-effective changes can improve the look and feel of the bathroom in any home.

Quality Plumbing Supplies Kept in Stock

Plumbers who work in various locations each day need to know they can access quality plumbing supplies quickly. Plumbers often attend both residential and commercial emergency jobs and these require a quick response, and potentially even a wide range of products to fix them. These might range from cistern valves, pipes, sink wastes, to actual bathroom fixtures and fittings – a new shower head, or entire shower, might need to be fitted if a problem is bad enough.

Plumbers might use different plumbing suppliers, or they might choose to work with one supplier as their go to. A trade plumbing suppliers will often keep products in stock, a major bonus for busy plumbing professionals. This makes the supplier more reliable, so any plumber knows they can obtain parts and products when they need them, whilst on a job and needing to react to emergency plumbing situations. This way of obtaining supplies is faster and better value all round, meaning plumbers need to carry fewer parts with them too.

Plumbing Supplies: Getting Good Value for Money

Plumbing supplies might include fittings, plastic plumbing systems, gas an oil pipeline supplies, brackets, clips, couplings and many more items that are standard tools of the trade. These are the kinds of supplies that plumbers will regularly need, and that they will get through in vast quantities on many days during the general course of their work. When plumbers can get good quality plumbing supplies that are also good value for money, they can lower their overheads and it will be easier for them to do their jobs.

Plumbers often get everyday plumbing supplies from plumbing trade suppliers because of the cost savings this can involve. The quality is often high, while the costs are low, making this the perfect combination of for busy and reputable plumbing professionals. If plumbing merchants are in an easily accessible spot, this will really help also, making it simple to pick up supplies as part of the general everyday job.

Are you having issues with your toilet?

Toilets are often a common cause for people to have to call out the plumbers. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a toilet, some are a simple fix, others require more time and money to fix them. Common issues people have with their toilets are that they wont refill, or won’t stop refilling, take ages to drain away and does not flush effectively or that they are leaking water. Often these sorts of problems are caused by issues within the cistern. It may be that a simple rubber seal has become damaged and needs to be replaced. The part will usually cost pence but the call out and the time for the plumber to fit it may be well cost more than £50. Ideally if you have a simple issue like this with your toilet, do some basic investigation work first. Toilets are often not overly complicated so you can easily take bits apart and put them back together again. You may well be able to find the faulty part and order one online or from your local DIY store and replace it yourself.

If there is water leaking from the toilet the first thing to do is to turn the water supply off to the toilet. You can then start to try and see where it may be coming from.

Smokeless Fuel for Burners

Did you know it’s possible to have a real fire even if you don’t have it attached to a chimney or vented out in any way? This is made possible with smokeless fuel, which can be poured into the burner and burnt to create a real fire. This will not produce any smoke or harmful waste products so it’s perfectly safe to have a burner installed in any part of the home. This is a way of having a real fire for anyone, even if you don’t have a chimney or any other safe way of removing smoke from the building. You won’t have to worry about it at all.

Who can install burners for smokeless fuel? The answer is, essentially anybody who has room for one in their home! They will give off a lot of heat, meaning you can rely less on your central heating. It is a pleasant, really rather satisfying way to heat your home and to rely less on the National Grid.