How to Maintain your Wood Burning Fire

A wood burning fire is an excellent way to heat your home and it is also very environmentally friendly. It will look lovely and cosy on winter nights and will be something very pleasant to come home to.

If you do decide to install a wood burning stove, there are some things you can do to keep it working safely and efficiently:

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector. This will indicate whether your stove is working efficiently and will also make sure you are safe when using it.
  • Sweep out the ash on a regular basis. You don’t want to let this build up or it could end up causing damage. It will also get out into the room and cause an unpleasant smoky atmosphere.
  • Make sure your chimney is swept on a regular basis. This will make sure it isn’t coated with soot and creosote.
  • Get your fire serviced annually to check all is running well.

Biomass: Using Renewable Energy to Heat your Home

Biomass: Using Renewable Energy to Heat your Home

Biomass energy production involves the burning of wood pellets, logs and chips to heat a room or building. This type of energy is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as it is a clean, renewable way of producing heat. It also has the potential to save your household a great deal of money over time.

A biomass heating system could involve something as simple as installing a woodburning stove. This is a popular way of heating your home as well as helping the environment by using renewable fuels. Woodburning stoves can be used to burn seasoned logs as well as chips, pellets and briquettes. These will often be the more eco-friendly option as they will produce a long-lasting fire – they can contain almost twice as much energy as regular firewood.

It’s also possible to install more complex biomass systems to heat other parts of your home. If you want to do this, install a biomass boiler. This can then be used to heat water as well as simply heating a room.

One of the main reasons people install biomass heaters is to save money. The boiler/ stove will probably not be cheap to install, however it has the potential to save you a lot of money in the long run. The Energy Saving Trust think that households could save a considerable amount each year:

Of course, some people also want to use biomass heating because of the environmental impact. It’s much better for the environment than using up fossil fuels, prompting an increasing amount of households to do their bit for our planet. And there’s no denying that having a woodburner can add a lovely ambience to your home as well!

Eco-Friendly Rooflights for Saving Energy

Eco-Friendly Rooflights for Saving Energy

As many different sectors are adapting to find energy-saving, eco-friendly solutions, the rooflight industry is no different. There are now many eco rooflights available for people to purchase that will go a long way to saving you money on your energy bills.

Whilst it is pleasant to have the extra light, and potentially extra ventilation, a rooflight can bring, the last thing you want is to end up with a colder building. Ask any retailer about eco rooflights to find the best energy-saving solution for your property.

The key to identifying the most effective rooflight is choosing one with a low u-value. U-values show how effective as material is as an insulator. Some eco rooflights will have u-values of around 0.87 W/m²K.

Eco-friendly rooflights can be stylish and well as highly efficient. Many use a flat glass design so will look sleek and elegant from the outside, as well as from the inside. This makes them a viable options for any building.


Wood Stoves logs for sale

Woman putting firewood into wood stove

Logs are the most commonly used form of wood fuel in the world. When you’re looking for firewood logs for sale, it’s important to ensure that the products that you’re buying are of the highest quality possible. This means ensuring that your wood is dry enough to burn. Generally, firewood logs for sale that have a moisture level of more than 20% won’t be efficient and are damaging to the environment too. They can damage your chimney and cause excessive pollution when they are burned. Many people often choose the cheapest firewood for sale that they can get their hands on but can quickly come to regret their choice. used for both open fires and wood burning stoves. Most people source logs locally, for example through tree surgeons, farmers or coal merchants. However, some fuel suppliers offer nationwide delivery of logs either by the pallet or in large bags.

It can be difficult to work out whether you are getting a good deal when buying firewood. Unlike coal and smokeless fuel, which must be sold in defined weights under the Weights and Measures Act, wood is usually sold by the bag or by lorry-load. This makes it difficult to compare prices between suppliers. In addition, the performance of logs as a fuel varies a lot depending on moisture content and the type of wood.

Wood Burning Fires – the Pros and Cons

Young woman eating by fire

Many people dream of living in a home with a real, wood burning fire. There is something so atmospheric about the crackling flames and the woody smell. However, more realistic homeowners also realise that wood burning fires can take a lot of work. Here, we weigh up the pros and cons to help you make your decision:


  • Aesthetics. There is no denying a wood burning fire looks gorgeous in any room. It creates a certain atmosphere that other methods of heating your home simply cannot compare to.
  • Versatility. A wood burning fire will look good in any type of property, whether it’s modern or traditional. There are lots of different designs available to meet with different people’s preferences.
  • Environmental factors. Burning your own sustainably-sourced fuel is much better for the environment than using central heating systems. Wood is a renewable fuel, so far more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels.
  • Self sufficiency. It’s very rewarding to know that you’re able to heat your home independently.


  • Availability of fuels. If you live in a city, it might be more difficult for you to source fuels than for someone living in the countryside. Your best bet is to find a reliable and cost-effective company who can deliver your fuels for you.
  • Cost of installation. It isn’t cheap to install a wood burning fire. You will need to think about structural aspects like chimneys as well as the fire itself.
  • Maintenance. You will need to clean out the fireplace on a regular basis, as well as having your stove serviced to ensure everything stays in good working order.