Are log burners bad for the environment?

The concern over the amount of damage the human race is doing to the environment has become a hot topic of debate in recent years as we are warned that global warming will have dire consequences for the planet if we continue to use fossil fuels to power our energy needs. To address this, one of the schemes that the Government is bringing in is to ban the burning of coal and wet wood on domestic fires so does this mean that log burners will no longer be allowed in homes?

Environmentalists state that in actual fact burning wood is actually carbon neutral as the wood releases the carbon that it has absorbed when burnt but the issue is with the pollutants that it releases into the atmosphere that are the problem. Tiny particles of soot are given off when coal or wet wood is burnt which enter the atmosphere and cause lung problems for many people and so it is for this reason that new legislation is having to be bought in.

The good news for owners of log burners is that seasoned or dry wood is still going to be allowed to be used and there is lots of advice available on the best ways to dry out the logs before burning to make sure that the amount of pollutant being released is minimised.

Trade Suppliers for Plumbers

Plumbers will have access to trade supplies, in much the same way as builders do as well. This means that there is the option for customers to get work done more cheaply, based on the fact their plumbers can obtain all that parts at a lower initial cost. If you are able to find a plumber with access to high quality supplies at trade prices, they should be able to cut some costs for you.

Plumbing supplies can essentially mean anything, from cistern valves, to full bathroom suites, to showers, taps and toilets. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, a good plumber will be able to advise while also knowing what is available from their local plumbing supplier. This way, you can get better advice and will know exactly what choices you have when picking out plumbing supplies – something that is very important if spending lots of money on new shower cubicles, baths, heated towel rails etc.

Replacing an old bathroom suite on a budget

An easy way to improve and modernise your property is to update the bathroom suite. Some older houses still have the coloured bathroom suites that were popular years ago and by changing these for white fittings the whole appearance of the bathroom can be changed.

If you need to replace the whole bathroom suite it is well worth looking on auction sites to see whether anyone is selling one. It may even be possible to get one for free if you can collect it yourself. DIY stores often have flash sales on certain lines, so it is a good idea to check these out if you prefer to have a new bathroom suite rather than a preowned one.

It could be that the bathroom suite does not need replacing but just needs an overhaul. Enamel baths deteriorate over time and sometimes become stained but there are products on the market that can remove the staining and resurface the bath making it look like new again.

Another simple fix is to replace the old taps for more modern style ones and to swap the toilet seat for a contemporary type such as a soft close one. These easy and cost-effective changes can improve the look and feel of the bathroom in any home.

Quality Plumbing Supplies Kept in Stock

Plumbers who work in various locations each day need to know they can access quality plumbing supplies quickly. Plumbers often attend both residential and commercial emergency jobs and these require a quick response, and potentially even a wide range of products to fix them. These might range from cistern valves, pipes, sink wastes, to actual bathroom fixtures and fittings – a new shower head, or entire shower, might need to be fitted if a problem is bad enough.

Plumbers might use different plumbing suppliers, or they might choose to work with one supplier as their go to. A trade plumbing suppliers will often keep products in stock, a major bonus for busy plumbing professionals. This makes the supplier more reliable, so any plumber knows they can obtain parts and products when they need them, whilst on a job and needing to react to emergency plumbing situations. This way of obtaining supplies is faster and better value all round, meaning plumbers need to carry fewer parts with them too.

Is the heating system in your home struggling to cope?

It is at this time of the year that we rely on the heating system in our homes to keep us warm and cosy but what if you feel that despite having the heating on your home fails to get to a comfortable temperature and you find yourself having to snuggle under layers of blankets to get warm?

There are a few things that you can check yourself before resorting to getting an expert heating engineer into your home. The first thing to check is whether the heating in the home is working correctly. If there are radiators in the house, they should feel warm all over not just in one area. If they are not getting hot all over then they may need bleeding to release trapped air in the system. Another simple solution is to check whether the radiators are fitted with thermostatic radiator valves and that they are set at the temperature required for the room as you may not want bedrooms as warm as other rooms.

Most heating systems have a room thermostat fitted to regulate the temperature for a room. Be aware that if the thermostat is in a hallway the heating will switch off once that room reaches the set temperature so do not set those radiators too high otherwise the heating will switch off before the other rooms are warm.