The Whole Range of Industrial Doors is Available and Includes Roller Shutter Doors

Loading bays or any other logistical site in your manufacturing or storage unit need special doors that facilitate movement and at the same time provide enough security and protection from the vagaries of nature. Industrial doors that perform at peak levels at all times and which can be manufactured as per your specific requirement. Door repair is undertaken for all kinds of doors.

The whole range of Industrial Doors is available and includes roller shutter doors, sectional doors, fast action doors, personnel doors and strip curtains. All Dock Solution Industrial doors can be customised to be food safe, Insulated or standard range and can operate in temperatures of -25 – +70ºC needed for cold storage. 

Roller shutter doors are traditional industrial doors placed at the secured entrance and exit points of Industrial Units and are made of the excellent quality material that meets standard specifications. This ensures long life to Industrial Doors as they are subjected to a continuous use and exposure to the elements. The galvanised steel used in the construction of these doors and the robust design ensures security as well as durability. These doors can be painted in any colour of your choice and can also be imprinted with the company logo. The operation of these industrial doors can be manual or electrical. Roller shutter door repair is undertaken for Dock Solution doors as well as other doors.

Sectional doors are insulated Industrial doors that are installed at the entrance and exit points of goods. The quality of material used for the construction of these doors, the insulation that is provided by the unique design and the security features inherent to their construction is what makes sectional doors are the very best. These doors are also low maintenance and completely customisable.

Fast action industrial doors could be internal or external and are also called dynamic doors. The doors have a rapid roll movement and also have a self-relocating curtain. The opening speed can be up to 2 m/s. The speed of opening and closing is programmable as per the requirement. These doors are ideal for areas that have high traffic as they ensure smoothness in traffic management. The self-relocating curtain re-seals if made askew by traffic, The operation of these doors can be as you’re your need. Starting from a manual pull cord operation, there can be induction loops, radar sensors or swipe cards for your particular entry control. Dynamic doors have a three- phase electric motor controlled by a push button as standard, and any other refinement can be programmed as per the operational requirements. Curtains are available in 12 different colours and a row of vision windows. More can be added if you need. Dynamic door repair is undertaken for doors constructed by U.K and also by outsiders.

Dynamic doors are also further categorised into three types:

1. Food industry Safe doors that can be completely sanitised.

2. Extra-large doors for large openings. The size of the doors can be customised as per your requirement.

3. Insulated doors for cold storages where there is a need to maintain the internal temperatures.

Other industrial doors include personnel doors, fire resistant doors and any other specialised function door that you may need. Door repair is undertaken for all kinds of doors.